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Fertility/Maternity. P summer 2018

As explained elsewhere on this website, in the 1970's I worked in one of the first sub-fertility clinics in the country, in Kings College Hospital obstetrics and gynaecology department. This interest in the latest technologies and approaches has been a vital component of my clinical work.

If, sadly, you are struggling to attain pregnancy ~ my knowledge of anatomy, hormones, latest developments in approach and methods of investigation, etc. provide a sound basis for a therapeutic approach to connecting to a different state of being. There can be no promises, but we allow the space for shift of perspective that may assist transition to motherhood. There is an optimum time for booking your first appointment, see below.

If pregnancy has been successful, reflexology is a tremendous way to relax and connect with the bodily changes at this time.

Fertility/Maternity. View from chair

Sub Fertility

I found Reflexology a tremendous way to assist women (and men) connect to their bodies in an appreciative and healing way. However reflexology works, it seems to trigger a shift towards assisting the body to do what comes naturally. Sometimes the problems are complex and there may be a strong psycho-genic component, hence my transition to hypnotherapist for some of the mind related blockages... but often I can slide the client effortlessly from reflexology to hypnosis for maximum effect.

Often best to just start with reflexology and keep things simple, it allows relaxation and there is plenty of time for discussion. I often combine hypnotherapy and reflexology for an optimum result, but it is always your session, unique for you.

I have trained with the Easi-birthing method to assist with egg transfer, etc. Hypnosis can be of great assistance at this time.

Timing of visits for sub-fertility

If choosing just hypnotherapy, book a session for any time in your cycle.

If booking a reflexology session, book for the days following the cessation of the menstrual period. At this time I can access the reflexes in what should be a relatively dormant phase of the cycle, pressing deeply on the pituitary, ovary, and uterus reflexes for example, with maximum effect. As the cycle progresses treatment of the relevant points becomes more subtle, but I know by then how they respond, etc.

Pregnancy and Childbirth

Reflexology is terrific throughout pregnancy, the baby is often very active and enjoys the session too.

Many prefer to book sessions once a month after the first few weeks gestation. Once a month, with each session targeting different needs through the pregnancy, then fortnightly as the birth approaches.

Overdue pregnancies can be assisted with the use of powerful reflexes, avoided until the threat of induction by midwives.

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