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Hypnosis can assist you to change for good.

Evidence based clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can be considered both an art and a science, it is aimed at specific therapeutic outcome.

Your unconscious mind shapes your decisions, it is thought that 95% of brain activity is beyond our conscious awareness - subconscious beliefs drive our habits, thoughts, and behaviours. We respond to life situations based on past experience. However, with hypnosis you can learn to change unhelpful beliefs. You can make effective sustainable changes to your mindset with hypnotherapy and dissolve invisible sabotaging behaviour. Hypnosis takes you to the same brain state of your learning period, and you can install a new way of thinking.

A session of clinical hypnotherapy is associated with feeling deeply relaxed, positive, and with an increased awareness of wellbeing. Hypnosis may allow the clearing of limitations and ‘blocks’ and enable an inner healing process to occur. Hypnosis can help with problem solving, coping with life challenges, and connection to what we can achieve both personally and professionally. It may be a gateway to a whole new way of Being.

Hypnosis can assist with a wide range of conditions. I take particular interest Hypnotherapy for fears and phobias, anxiety and stress. Together we access the root causes at their source, and identify the triggers.

There are many misconceptions surrounding hypnotherapy, but increasingly empirical evidence points towards hypnosis as a valuable tool in an integrative approach to healthcare. Our conditioning and beliefs may serve to constrain and limit us - you can change for good.

With a firm foundation of knowledge and experience I adjust each session for you, the client. I never take a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Scroll down for details of the 5-Path ® Method which is one of the deepest and most effective forms of hypnotherapy, involving a five phase process.

Hypnosis can benefit individuals in so many ways.

In pain management, for example, if we acknowledge the capacity of the mind-body to modulate pain, considering the emotional processing and the ‘pain danger alarm mechanism’ we can work towards an integrative treatment, finding the triggers and assist individuals with a tailor made plan.

Another example is the complexity surrounding sub-fertility as stress builds when hoping for a child. No one is the same, if we were - there would only be one person with one pathway in life.

Hypnotherapy is a time of deep relaxation, it is not like stage hypnotism. The safe and controlled Hypnotherapy session takes you into a state of relaxation with awareness. You will feel calm and aware of everything around you. The body and conscious mind are completely relaxed, not unconscious, while you continue to listen awake, receptive and engaged ~ utilising the power of your mind for positive change.

Hypnosis is the process of inducing a trance. This is a natural state of mind, where your conscious mind gets very relaxed in order to enable your subconscious mind to become very open and receptive to suggestions which are designed to help you.

Hypnosis is a doorway to the inner world of the subconscious, your inner world. Each session is uniquely tailored for you.

Sessions last for up to two hours. We will work together to find the root cause of your problem, which may be from a completely unexpected source. You will feel relaxed, but fine to drive following your session. (I do not have a waiting room if you come accompanied - please advise in advance and I can make arrangements).

Can you guarantee success?

You are responsible for the changes you make. We can work together to achieve your goals. Whether you gain immediate effect will vary from person to person, and the root of the cause. If the problem is “too much” behaviour (eating, drinking, etc) then we can first try the direct suggestion method of breaking habits. (£75 first session, £60 subsequent sessions) and this is often all that is required.

Some people prefer to go straight for the 5-Path method ® which is a five phase process of deep and transformative work. There is a commitment to see the process to its conclusion, with payment in advance. This 5-Path method is internationally acclaimed (with training currently only in the USA). The training required a high level of expertise in Hypnosis before the 5-Path training, with a separate examination to test abilities. Of course, I am pleased to say I passed!

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Which should I choose.

If you have tried Hypnosis before, without success, the 5-Path may be for you.

Ring 07504 121 004 to discuss the possibilities.

Allow up to two hours for your first session. We will work together to find the root cause of your problems, which may be from a completely unexpected source.

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Do you have restrictions on who you see?

I have often worked with children, with parental consent, but it is something that requires in-depth discussion before a decision can be made. My ultra-cautious approach is valuing the impact hypnotherapy can make in life. It is a powerful tool for transformation.

Care must be taken with people suffering from epilepsy, acute depression, schizophrenia or psychosis and in such cases I can only offer hypnotherapy with a GP’s support in writing. I avoid taking clients overcoming ‘controlled substance’ abuse, while my training would enable this, it is my personal preference to refer elsewhere.

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